UPI helps its clients to acquire high yield property investments in well established, stable environments in the USA.

With operations in both the UK and USA, we provide access to exclusive below-market-value opportunities from a variety of sources, including REO, bank foreclosures, distressed sales and trustee sales.

We work with a diverse range of clients, including private investors, hedge funds, REITs and private equity groups from all over the world, and we have an excellent track-record of creating bespoke investment solutions tailored to match our clients’ precise requirements.

Our website has a wealth of information that can help you better understand who we are and the opportunities we present to our clients.

A note from our CEO, Oliver Booth:

There is no other investment vehicle in the world that can give you the same consistent returns that property can. The USA markets we work in are the best I’ve ever seen. Established markets, strong rental demand, English speaking, and very low prices. These are the reasons we invest.”

I have been investing in these markets for more than 7 years. In a time when investors around the globe are struggling to find positive returns from any kind of asset, whether property, equities or even riskier commodities, the American property market offers the prospect of significant capital appreciation together with strong monthly cash flows.”

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